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The Big Change.

With the advancement of technology, our mobility experience is in a period of great change.

This change will innovate our lives with a stronger force than any other change we’ve had in years.

Nature Mobility is a global leading group of vehicle distribution/sales professionals, mobility services operators, strategic professionals, developers, marketing-service designers, and investment professionals.

We are leading the rapidly changing mobility industry. 네이처모빌리티 찜카

The future of mobility

Natural mobility considers the following four factors as the future of mobility and prepares a Mobility  as a Service (MaaS) for it.

Our Vision

Matrix car is simple and seamless mobility service anywhere & anytime, based on millions of shared vehicles

Nature Mobility designs the mobility experience. We are operating or planning various MaaS based on each division’s capabilities and ultimately we are aiming for a Mobility as a Service [Matrix Car] for electric cars, autonomous driving and connected cars era.

Business Area

Towards Mobility as a Service

Nature Mobility co-operates with manufacturers, small businesses and provides users with an optimized mobility experience.

Furthermore, we will complete the Mobility as a Service through a platform business that encompasses the entire structure of the newly restructured automobile manufacturing, distribution, sales, use and disposal.


Nature Mobility is the headquarters for all business units and performs the following tasks:

  • Mobility Markets and Users Research: Extract accurate insights about markets and users by field experts and share them through regular meetings with all members.
  • Discover new business and make strategic decisions: Continually update the mobility market, discover new business opportunities and establish optimal strategies.
  • Solution Development: Nature Mobility’s professional development team quickly and accurately implements strategies.
  • Branding / Marketing: We oversee the marketing activities of each business unit so that strategies and brands of Nature Mobility can be better communicated to customers. 네이처모빌리티 찜카

“Zzimcar” is the B2C mobility service of Nature Mobility Group.

We are making MaaS with local small businesses in the form of enterprise mesh-up and have special services such as BUNDLING using a mix of domestic cars and luxurious cars. Zzimcar also analyzes the situation of users and proposes optimized products, which is not only convenient for users but also works as an attractive advertising platform for advertisers.

We are aiming for a platform where both users and participants can co-exist.

Go to ZZIMCAR website

Our Team

Division Leaders

Nature Mobility  is an expert group of people with competencies in each field, and is aiming to lead the upcoming changes with our competence.

CEO of Nature Mobility

EV expert

CMO of Nature Mobility

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